Coaching & Playing notes for Dragons Coaches, Trainers & Players….

After plenty of information gathering and lots of planning and development we have managed to put together this very unique & exciting resource.

It is a huge database of information which has been sorted into easy to navigate sections – there is no club in the Parramatta District which is providing anywhere near this type of resource/support to its coaches & players.
Have a browse through our archives – we guarantee you will find something to help your footy.

We have information, training tips, drills, injury prevention, fitness regimes, how to guides etc etc from not only highly regarded junior team coaches but articles written by coaches at the NRL level.

Have a look at the long list of articles below and you will see what we mean – there is heaps to choose from.

Coach Talk Books/Magazines.

Philosophies, trends, training tips and techniques – a unique behind the scenes look at 12 experienced coaches – NRL level coaches including…
Wayne Bennett, Phil Gould, Royce Simmonds, Brian Smith…

A must read for any serious follower of Rugby League, whether they be involved in coaching, playing or simply supporting from the stands.

Click here for Book One

Click here for Book Two

Animated Drills…

Looking for some quick and easy drills to put together for an upcoming session. We have more than 200 animated drills to put your player through. Each drill gives you a quick run-though to make it easy to work out where to have all your players.

Here is a list of the drill categories covered:

Training Games
Defence and Tackling
Attacking Touch Games
Catch and Pass
Basic Training
Play the Ball
Tackling Drills
Unopposed Passing
Opposed Passing Evasion


Rugby League Coaching Manuals – Lots of Handy Drills…

Here we have 3 books with nearly 240 footy drills.

Book 1 – 91 Drills
Ruck Drills
Training Games
Kicking Drills
Defence & Tackling Drills
Attacking Drills

Click here to download Book One

Book 2 – 66 Drills
Touch Games for Training
Play The Ball Drills
Tackling Drills
Unopposed Passing Drills
Opposed Passing Drills

Click here to download Book Two

Book 3 – 74 Drills
Evasion Drills
Catch & Pass Drills
Basic Training Drills
Training Drills
Off-Load Drills
Kicking Drills

Click here to download Book Three

Rugby League Coaching Magazine…

Here we have over 30 books and magazines that cover dozens and dozens of football related topics.

Make sure you check through the contents guide for each one – there is a ton of information – downloads the ones you need.

Again each is a downloadable PDF – easy to read anytime and print off the pages or the topics you want.

Magazine Edition 1
Reading the game
Consider the function of the drill
Dummy half play
Positional play for fullbacks
Game plans
Scrum base defence by the half back
Nutrition maximises player performance
Turning the opposition
How well do you know the laws?



Magazine Edition 2
The Defensive Line
Practices for the Wing Three Quarter
Receiving The Kick-Off
Using Kick Play to Attack the Opposition Line
Breaking Through the Defensive Line
Weight Training
Warm-Up and Stretch
Junior Player Development Programme



Magazine Edition 3
How To Introduce A Left and Right Defensive Pattern
Weather Football
The Barbell Back Squat
Attacking For A Result From Scrums
Shin Splints
Strength Training, at what age and what type?
Kicking Out Of Own 20 Metres For Teams With Short Kicking Games
You Only Achieve What You Believe
What Is Different About A Final?



Magazine Edition 4
Club and Coach Development
Implementation of The Junior Player Development Programme
Motivation and Performance
Using the Field
The Pathway to Success (Goal Setting)



Magazine Edition 5
The ARL Volunteer Involvement Programme
The Value of 1/8 of a Second
Reading Play
Off-Season Activities 8 The Variable of Strength Training for Rugby League
Penetrating The Defensive Line
Sample Stretch Routine



Magazine Edition 6
Match Day
Attacking from the Free Kick
Preparing the Junior Representative Side
So how do we achieve a successful mechanism in a Rugby League team
How to do a Statistics Sheet



Magazine Edition 7
Penetrating the Defensive Line (Part 2)
Preparing the Junior Representative Team (Part 2)
Coach Talk
Make sure your players are getting the fuel they need
Using lateral field positions from which to launch attacking plays
An Introduction to Sports Psychology



Magazine Edition 8
Creating Space
First Aid Course For Rugby League
Attack Play
Talent Identification
Personality, Arousal, Motivation and Rugby League Performance
Head Injuries in Rugby League



Magazine Edition 9
Eating for Peak Performance
Penetrating The Defensive Line
Coaching The Mini Mod Team
Defensive Systems “Slide” Versus “Up & In”
Easy To Train Strength Exercises
A Psychologists View
Coaches View of Psychology for Rugby League



Magazine Edition 10
Developing Ball Skills
Aquiring the Skills of Rugby League
Skill Scene – Kicking
Coach Talk
Sprint Training – assisted running
Stretching to Prevent Injury
Performance Standards in Rugby League



Magazine Edition 11
Play The Ball
Easy To Train Strength Exercises
Stretching to Prevent Injury (Part 2)
Sprint Training – resistance running
Player Feedback
Autonomous Behaviour (Part 4)



Magazine Edition 12
The Scissor Pass
Designer Games
Mini Coaching – ‘Real Coaching’
Stretching to Prevent Injury (Part 3)
Coach’s Insight
Some Considerations on Behavourial Aspects of Coaching Drills



Magazine Edition 13
Picking up a Football – Falling on a Loose Football
Coaching the Modern Game
Tackling Communication
Coaches Half Time Talk
Key Areas of Team Play
Statistics and Movement Analysis



Magazine Edition 14
Mini & Mod Drills
Hit and Spin – Spin and Unload
Game Sense
Tackling Communication – Part 2
Off-The-Ball Play
Videotaping Junior Games
Physical Training During the compeitive phase of the season
Performance Monitors – Assessing the behaviour and attitudes of the Rugby League player



Magazine Edition 15
Assessing The Injured Player
Coaches Insight
The Role of the Coach Teaching The Junior Player
Becoming a Better Bench Coach
Kicking Drills



Magazine Edition 16
The Football Manager
The Conditioner
The Role of the Physio
Coaches Insight
Aquatic Therapy
Defence & Tackling Drills



Magazine Edition 17
Choosing a Mentor
Speed and Agility
Understanding the Rules of Rugby League (Part 1)
Captain and Coach
Mouthguards – Why a Mouthguard is essential
Moulding a Cohesive Unit
Performance Psychology in Rugby League
A Thinking Coach



Magazine Edition 18
Training – Speed, Agility, Strength, Power
Create an ethos in your club
The Specifics of Planning
Assesssing the Performance of the Rugby League Player
Coaches Insight
Coaching Individual Positions
Sports Physiotherapist Program
Defence – A Team Responsibility
Completion Rates
Attacking Drills



Magazine Edition 19
The Trainer
Two Codes Converging
Keeping Them Out
Turning Your Kick Chase Around
Creating Quality Second-Phase Football
Players who co-ordinate well in defence, breed confidence
Understanding the Rules of Rugby League
Foot For Thought
What’s in your sports drink?
Developing Speed & Agility



Magazine Edition 20
Self Assessment
Ruck Defence
Benefits of Kick Play
Rugby League’s Marathon Men
Increasing Training Intensity
Diet & Supplement: What is Factual, What is Fiction?
Off-Season Checks
What’s In Your Sports Drink (Part 2)



Magazine Edition 21
The Need for Innovation & Creativity in Rugby League
Finding The Edge
Some Basic Principles in Defence and Attack
The Roosters Recruitment Drive
Session Guides
Rugby League’s Battle for Great Britain
Injury Statistics



Magazine Edition 22
Conditioning Limited Interchange
Coaching The Mental Aspect
Fitness Testing
Preventing Hamstring Injury In Sports
Performance, Fatigue and Injuries in Rugby League
What’s in Your Sports Drink
Physical Preparation, What’s Your Priority
Reaction Time, The Key To Explosiveness
Tackling Drills



Magazine Edition 23
Structural Influence on Man Management
Dissecting the Player-Coach Dynamic
Anderson’s Galvanising Formula
Is Dropping a Player The Answer
Empowerment as a Coaching Approach
Guidelines for Objectively Assessing Player Fitness
Combining Skills and Conditioning
Passing Drills



Magazine Edition 24
Improve Players Without Stifling Creativity
Social Cohesion Relates to Task Cohesion
Situational Coaching
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Development Squads
Fitness testing: Are Results Useful?
Making Nutrition Part of the Training Program
League Coach Forum
Opposed Passing Drills



Magazine Edition 25
Individual Coaching
UK Coaches Sourcing NRL Coaching Information
Coaching a Country Football Team
Today’s Referee
Coaching with Computers
The Pre-Season, A Race Against Time!
Pre-Season Training, Some Other Considerations…
League Coach Forum
Flying Kangaroos: The impact of jet lag on performance
Evasion Drills



Magazine Edition 26
Time Management
The Role of the Assistant Coach
Career Coach: Poisoned challis or dream job?
Today’s Referee
101 Coaching Tips
Qualities Required by the Junior Player
Coaching the Bye
It’s Not Just An 80 Minute Game
Applying Empowerment in Coaching: Some Considerations
League Coach Forum
Catch and Pass Drills



Magazine Edition 27
Club Continuity
Attitude Needed in the Ruck
Developing For The Future
Train Harder or Train Smarter
Various Defensive Formations
Women in Rugby League – Some Medical Considerations
Energy For Stop and Go Sports



Magazine Edition 28
Absorbing Pressure – how to coach it!
Strength, Training and Diet
The Halfback -getting the right player in the right position
Not Half Bad -why does the Hunter Region produce so many halfbacks?
Developing a Coaching Philosophy – where should our focus be?
ARL Foundation Update
Rugby League… A simple game being enveloped by science and technology
Computer Aided Coaching
Drinking on the Job – You Legend!
Comparisons in Rugby League between Australia and the UK
Eating Before Exercise
Carbohydrate Loading
The Stretching Debate
Exercising or Not When You Are Sick



Magazine Edition 29
Good Decision Making is Critical to a Players Success
Does a team develop a ‘team instinct’ or a ‘team discipline’?
Decision Making Skills Can Be Learnt
Let’s Talk Tackling
Should Junior Coaches indulge in the mindset of ‘Teaching’ or ‘Winning’
Preparing The Junior Player on Match Day
Hey Coach! Did You Keep a Diary
The Triangle and Stages of the Game
The Physchology of Winning
Strength Training for Football
Skill Assessments Chart for Young Players
Injuries to the Abdomen, what can happen beneath
Cramps and Stitch
Supplements in Sport – why are they so tempting?
Off-Load Drills



Magazine Edition 30
Do you have a coaching philosophy?
‘Get Out’ Sets
Successful Attack
An Approach to Short Term Coaching
Making the Transition
Duty of Care, Responsibility and Liability
Andrew Johns’ Mental Skills Checklist
Responsibilities of the Team Manager
Fine Tuning the Player with Instinctive Drives
What Type of Person Makes a Good Coach
Wigan Now Develop the Best
Testing… How, Why, Who, Where and When
A Suggested Plan for a Rugby League Environment
Stop those injuries
Kicking Drills



Magazine Edition 31
The Assistant Coach
The Coach and Planning
Mental Toughness Without The Mental
Football Parents, Support, Smiles and Sporting Success
The Ruck is the Centre of the Universe
Drawing The Line
An Approach to Defensive Preparation
Taking the Plunge – Becoming a Full Time Coach
Duties of the Coaching Co-Ordinator
Motivation at the Top Level
Laws of the Game
B.M.S. (Bio Muscle Stimulation) Sports Therapy
There’s No Room For Liquid Amber in Sport
The Injured Player: Emergencies in the Game (Part 1)
Drills – Dummy Half / Advantage Line Running



Magazine Edition 32
Challenging The Champions
Forwards, The Halfback’s Heroes
An Approach To Developing Attacking Strategy
Do Skill – Based Conditioning Games Simulate the Physiological Demands of Competition?
Attitude Indicators
Video Analysis Systems – A Time Saver For Penrith
Analysing Players’ Birth Dates
Top Territory for a Rugby League Program
Duties of the Club Trainer
League Coach Forum -Junior Coaching
Laws of the Game Q & A
The Injured Player: Emergencies in the Game (Part 2)
Supplementation in Rugby League
Carbohydrate: Passport To Your Personal Best



Magazine Edition 33
Winning the Tackle
Decisions maketh the Defender
To Win or Develop
An Approach to the Role of Camp Head Coach
Day Tripper
Guidelines to Reduce the Risk of Injury During Weight Training
Laws of the Game Q & A
League Coach Forum
Fuelling for Rugby League
Injury Prevention – Some Training Ideas



Magazine Edition 34
A Starting Point for Coaches
Going Back for Seconds
Four Foundations of a Good Coach
An Approach to Match Planning
A Scientific Approach to Gaining Weight
Maximising Talent at the Teenage Level
Recovery for Rugby League
Trouble Shooting for Coaches
Recovery after Lower Limb Injury
Stepping Up
Duties of the Club Secretary



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