In MINI and Mod football Penrith the NSWRL have set out requirements in relation to how much playing time each player must get per game. Without stating the exact rule the summary is that every player MUST play at least one uninterrupted half of footy (in Mini this is 10 minutes and in Mod this is 20 minutes).

At Rooty Hill RSL Dragons we expect that in these age groups that every player, regardless of perceived ability will over the course of the season play an equal amount of game time as every other player in their team.

If you at any time do not believe you or your child are receiving a fair amount of game time you should first address it with the coach. If you are still unhappy with the result you should then speak to a club official who will investigate.

International teams are a little different as the games are played under full International rules with unlimited interchange, but even in these age groups we expect that every player will be given a “fair go”.


In every age group we now have at least the minimum number of players required to field a team and in some age groups a second team. We are however still looking for players in several age groups. We are particularly looking for Under 9’s and Under 10’s. In most cases these teams have enough players to take the field and based on what I saw on the weekend be very competitive it would just be more comfortable for them to have some extra reserves. Whilst these are the age groups we are focused on we will welcome players in any and all age groups.

Talk to your friends and bring them along.


By registering to play with Rooty Hill RSL Dragons all players have agreed to abide by both The Club’s and Penrith’s Code of Conduct. Similarly all parents and spectators are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

All these measures have been put in place to enhance the players and spectators enjoyment of their time with us and we ask that you respect them and abide by the code.


Our foremost concern as a club is participation. Our club constitution states that we must make our best efforts to ensure that every person who wishes to play for the club is given every opportunity to play. We at all times endeavour to ensure that all players play in their correct age group and work closely with Penrith Rugby League to determine the correct grading of each of our teams.

Having said this, at times where player numbers in a particular age group do not allow for a full side (or second or third side) to be fielded by The Club the players in that age group may be asked to or offered the opportunity to play up an age group to field teams. If this occurs it will be with consultation with the coaches of the teams and the parents of the players. We will not place younger players in an older team if we do not believe the player will be able to effectively compete in that competition.

Penrith  District Junior Rugby League is the largest in Australia and as such runs up to 6 Divisions in each age group. Throughout the trial games we will be assessing each team and player to determine the correct grading for that team. If you have concerns regarding the grading of the team please speak to a member of the committee.


Prior to the first round each player will receive their playing gear, this includes club shorts and socks. Jerseys will be kept with the coach or manager as a set throughout the year and given to players on game day.

Please don’t be frightened to ask about taking them home and giving them a wash – most coaches (or their wives) will be most thankful to hand them over.

The Club has also commissioned a range of club merchandise. Training shirts, polos, dress shirts and other club gear can be purchased at the canteen.


Many of you will be needing to purchase boots for your child to ensure that you purchase the correct type please be aware of the following.

MINI (6, 7 & 8’s) and MOD (9, 10, 11 and 12’s) players are only to wear moulded studs (no screw in or metal). INTERNATIONAL players may wear either moulded or screw ins.

It is a requirement of Rooty Hill RSL Rugby League Club that every player taking the field wears a mouthguard. This need not be the expensive Dentist version but they do tend to fit better. Headgear is optional as are shoulder pads.