Club History

50 years ago Rooty Hill RSL Club started operating as a fully licensed club in a modest premise located in Rooty Hill Road North, nearly adjacent to the intersection of this road and Sherbrooke Street.

The club had operated as an unlicensed facility for three years to this location and when the doors were officially opened on February 29, 1964 the membership was on 127. In the 50 years since this membership base has grown to over 48,000 members!

This small social club of the early 1960s is now the largest RSL Club in Australia and a club that ranks in the top 10 of all registered clubs of any format. From a club that was constructed on two suburban building blocks, the RSL Club & Resort now covers an area of about nine hectares (20 acres).

The club’s current location is on the Corner of Railway Street & Sherbrooke Street and this impressive building was opened in June 1972.

There have been several major developments over the past three decades: 1974 (Fred Chubb Lounge), 1976 (Tivoli Showroom), 1992 (Hotel), 1996 (Minchins Restaurant), 2000 (Fred Chubb Lounge and Stardust Café), 2003 (TAB/Sports Lounge), 2006 (Waratah Room) and in 2007 we saw the opening of our newest dining outlet Zest Wok n’ Grill.

In May 2008 we launched our new $5.5 million health & fitness facility, SGAC Health Fitness Aquatic. With many group fitness classes as well as state of the art fitness equipment it is the largest fitness centre in western Sydney. In June 2010 AMF Bowling Rooty Hill RSL opened its doors.  2013 saw the completion of our newest project the Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre (SGAC).

To coincide with the completion of the SGAC project a new brand, the RHR Group, was created to combine the multiple properties on site into one diversified property group.


In September, Rooty Hill RSL was the first Club in Australia to install an environmentally friendly Tri-Generation power plant in an effort to future proof our growing power requirements in the greenest, most efficient way possible.

It is predicted we will lower our carbon emissions by 50 percent as a result of the new Tri-Generation power plant. Tri-Generation is the simultaneous production of three forms of energy: electricity, heating and cooling from a single system. Our tri-generation power plant captures waste heat from electricity production and uses it to heat and cool buildings, improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is nearly three times more energy efficient than a coalfired power station.

“Caring for the environment is not only about global ecology but caring for the people and communities that must survive and thrive locally also,” said Richard Errington, CEO of Rooty Hill RSL. “Recent government initiatives have shown that it is possible to be both environmentally responsible and budget conscious. A sustainable Australia is in the best interest of all of us and it’s important that we all do whatever we can to achieve it.